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10 August 2007

Artbox becomes Final Cut Server

As I posted in December last year, Apple have bought Proximity. The acquisition included a product named Artbox, which is one of the projects I worked on at Proximity. I have written most of the user interface for Artbox.

Apple are about to start shipping a new product called Final Cut Server, which is based on Artbox. There have been many changes under the hood, including a move to Apple's Compressor for transcoding, however the user interface appears to be substantially the same.


Jim said...

I am an Artbox user/admin and I love it. I was disapointed when Apple aquired them. It always seems that one one big company gobbles up another one things dont always improve. Support for Artbox since the aquisition has been slow and dificult as best. Seeing as how you worked there do you know and user forums out there on the net people can turn to for community help?

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

peteru said...

Sorry to say that I do not know of any community resources that you could use to get Artbox support.